How Far Do You Have To Go To Sell
Your Car In Tempe?

Selling a car in Tempe should not be hard, and it should be a process that you hate. We dislike the way that people have to sell their cars today, and we know that you have met with a lot of people who only pretended to want to buy your car. There are some junkyards that do not even want to pay you for your car, and that is not a good thing. We have designed a whole new sales process that allows you to give your car to use for cash, and we buy cars with a speed that you cannot believe until you experience it for yourself.

The Speed

We move at a speed that no one else has ever moved at before. We know that we have to move fast because you are tired of waiting for your car to sell. We can offer you a price on the phone, and you can decide to take it right then and there. This is so simple that we have the contract drawn up while you are still on the phone, and we will get you ready for an appointment to actually pick up the car.

Our Drivers Come To You

You have probably thought many times how you were going to get that big heap of junk off your lawn. We give cash for cars, and we pick them up at the same time. We have trucks that will come to you so that you will be able to give the car to us, and we send out drivers with the money that we offered. We have streamlined this process so much that there is no possible way that it can get any easier. We made it easy just for you, and we are happy to drive away with the heap that is sitting at your house.

We Handle The Paperwork

The driver will tell you what to do with the title, and we take care of the rest of it when the car gets back to us. We do not force you to fill out a bunch of paperwork that you have to do before we sell you the car, and we do not drag you down to our office to get all the paperwork done. We have more respect for your time than that, and we will help you get the sale done right now so there is cash in your pocket.